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A Little More about Us...

  • PATH Intl. Certified Equine Specialist

  • PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor


Working with your veterinarian, ferrier, trainer, and you to help your horse/animal be its best.
Sheryl L. Mankel
Owner/Instructor/Acupressure Therapist

Growing up in rural, Western Michigan, I was exposed to horses at a very early age…three years old on the neighbors plow horses, going up and down the fields. Learning to love the rhythm and closeness to nature, I have never tired of that feeling. As a teenager, horse ownership became a reality, with all of the ups and downs. In the early years, I would ride anything as long as it was ‘green’ broke. That gave me a huge depth of experience to draw on when I am watching how my clients/horses are interacting with each other. I was in my thirties before my formal training began. Even though I might have chosen not to ride some of those ‘early’ experiences with my new found knowledge, I did realize the knowledge I had obtained from the racing enthusiast, cattle workers, 4-H kids, rodeo, hunt seat, dressage riders, etc. all bring different ideas to the table and it proves there are different ways to accomplish desired results.

As with anyone that has been around animals long enough, there have also been losses I feel could have been prevented. I received my practitioner education through worldwide and well renowned Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Larkspur, CO. I am certified through NBCAAM for both large and small animals. I now have more insight to help the professionals and the owner. We become a team for the well-being of the animal so it can give its best to the human. Acupressure is a non-invasive safe modality. Ask me about my success stories! I have partnered with veterinarians in caring for horses with EPM, uveitis, hormone issues, puncture wounds, colic, etc. My acupressure has helped horses that are not picking up the correct leads, are not able to stand comfortably for the ferrier, training issues connected with emotional or mental issues and just plain getting along in the herd. The best part…after we establish a plan; you can participate in helping your treasured animal companion! Since we do not use needles, I can show you how and where to apply points to your own animal. In 2013, I continued my education with certification on Essential Oils through Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. These classes were held at the ranger school of Hocking College in Ohio; where the students are trained to use horses to pack into the back country. This means space is a minimum, so you better know how to use what you have and take along very little. As in acupressure, animals are very in tuned to oils.

Please Note: as with any holistic modality, seek professionals. NBCAAM certifies bodywork practitioners which includes acupressure and massage. There are contraindications with holistic modalities also. Make sure the person working on your animal has been thoroughly trained and hopefully they have become Nationally Certified.

As an instructor for PATH Intl., I have seen the horses give so much of themselves to their riders. The connection was wonderful and rewarding but could be draining on our animals. I wanted to help the horses that were helping my clients. With my certification as an Equine Specialist, my feeling of the horse being a partner, and not just a tool, was justified. We can use the horse’s reaction, from the ground mostly, as a barometer assisting our clients to work out an issue. This is very effective when teamed with a therapist. The use of the horse can assist clients with physical, mental and emotional impairments. Using the horse with our veterans, coming back from active duty, is one of my specialties. The horse provides a way to ease back into civilian life, partnering with therapists.

Not only can I help your pets, I can also assist my clients. I use my knowledge of acupressure and essential oils to help with many issues that come up in our 'human' lives.

Working together with your doctor or therapist...your veterinarian, ferrier, and trainer…you and your pet…connected-healing.

Give me a call…616-240-3789.

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