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Reset Retreats

Our goal is to provide a safe, private space for small groups/individuals to attend retreats or classes to help heal from trauma and/or expand personal growth within Nature. These sessions are for All walks of life struggling with PTSD or any such thought that is hindering life.

Workshops for self-esteem and team building.

Leadership Workshops, Self-Esteem Discovery Workshops, or Team Building Workshops. Through various group exercises, each participant will experience how to effectively communicate, problem solve and develop responsibility. Learn new approaches to adding value to your life and building the life you want with dignity and respect.

Hands on Healing for pets and for you

Sheryl is National Certified in Animal Acupressure.  She can teach you how to help your pet with pain/trauma using your hands and essential oils. These same techniques can help you too.

Foraging for Your Health

"Their fruit will be fore food and their leaves for healing." Ezekiel 47:12  Walk, learn, and forage wild herbs within the 35 acres. You will take away knowledge and samples that help your individual needs.

Equine Assisted Activities

When in the presence of a horse there is bidirectional "healing" that happens. Benefits include lowered blood pressure, decrease stress levels, increase feelings of trust, patience and self-efficacy, and much more.

Mindfulness and Serene Touch Therapy

Diana is Trauma Sensitive certified. Sessions to help the heart heal and provides self care tools to move forward in life.  She will work with the nervous system and much more. Includes aromatherapy and mindful breath work that give natural relief to the Entire wellbeing.

Serene Yoga and balance in a field of green!

Diana is a Master Yoga Guide. This is for all levels or beginners that are open to receive. Overcome anxiety through yoga. Learn to self regulate and center yourself in the now!

What Our Clients Say

Customize your Reset Retreat...

Call Sheryl at 616-240-3789 or Henrietta at 267-322-9835 for pricing and availability.  
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